The young heir for a vast Mexico City banking empire runs away from the cold, corrupted, racist, money-driven, super-elite, mega-rich, classist world into which he was born, takes a wrong turn down a wrong road, and finds himself stranded in a poor, remote beach community, where he experiences a love at first sight with exotic beautiful local girl-one that will place him-and her-in grave danger at the hands of ruthless drug lord.

Production Name: “LOVE TILL'DEATH” 
Genre: Drama/Action/Romance
Released: 2009
Director: Fernando Lebrija
Producers: Fernando Lebrija, Matthias Ehrenberg, Miguel Ángel Boccaloni y David Weisnievitz y Harrison Reiner.
Writers: Fernando Lebrija y Harrison Reiner
Cast: José María de Tavira, Martina García, Alberto Estrella, Raúl Méndez, Miguel Rodarte, Mayra Serbulo, Silverio Palacios, Craig McLachlan y Sergio Jurado